New Battlefield! Special thanks to Mike for his hard work!

Points Competition:

Team Objectives:               Defender Points           Attacker Points

POW’s in Possession                   1                                     4

Flag in Possession                        1                                     4

Intelligence in Possession             1                                     4

Each Friendly Operational AFV    2                                     1

Each Enemy AFV KO’d                 2                                     1

End of Game: Game ends when all attacking team(s) have rescued all POW’s, captured all Flags and retrieved all Intelligence or game ends when all attacking team(s) AFV’s become imobil or KO’d.

No restarts are allowed.

For each Defending team, three Markers representing the POW’s, Flag and Intelligence are placed anywhere on their controlled space of the battlefield. Markers must be in plain view from at least two sides of the battlefield extending at least 6 inches from grade (like a scale figure standing on the ground). Furthermore, Markers must be accessible by the largest AFV by at least one path such that contact (touching) can be made. Markers are placed by the Defender before the battle begins and can not be moved by the Defender for the duration of the battle. Defenders may not recover captured Markers.

For each Attacking team, a 5 foot diameter Headquarters (HQ) is designated as a drop-off point for the captured Defending team(s) markers within the attackers controlled battlefield space. Each Marker must come in contact (touch) with the vehicle to become captured. The vehicle operator may pick up the contacted Marker and carry it on his person displayed or concealed for the duration of the battle. Only one Marker may be transported at a time and can not be transfered to another vehicle. Points are scored when the capturing vehicle returns to HQ depositing the Marker. Markers placed at HQ can not be moved for the durration of the battle. If a capturing AFV is KO’d with a Marker in transit, no points for the Marker are scored for the Attacker or Defender (Marker is destroyed).

Option #1: Add the Command Vehicle variant.

Option #2: Defenders may steal back their Markers, returning to their origonal positions.

Option #3: Vehicles may transfer Markers with other Vehicles.

Option #4: All teams have their own Markers and effectively become Attackers and Defenders.

RC Guidelines for safe War gaming:

Vehicles shall be operated within line of sight at all times.
Vehicles shall never be driven toward an animal or human being with intent to hit or frighten.
Drivers shall not operate RC vehicles with safety features removed or damaged beyond use.
Live ammo and firing of projectiles are forbidden on all vehicles.
All vehicles shall operate on ground frequencies.
There shall be no intentional ramming or pushing of other vehicles.
Vehicles and/or dioramas depicting overtly grotesque, explicit or otherwise objectionable material or symbols shall not be permitted at public spaces and events.


Join in on the fun and camaraderie with discussion, events and tank battles! If you have an RC tank or would like to begin in the hobby, just send an email to get started!

Battle game senarios :Below are some game variations to try at your next gathering!

Basic Battle Tactics :Jagenkatzen-Field-Guide what everyone should know using the electronic Tamiya Battle System

RC Guidelines: RC rules for a safe and enjoyable experience, below.

Command Vehicle

The objective is to KO the opposing command vehicle.

1) Each opposing force shall designate one vehicle as the command vehicle by a 1 x 2 inch red or orange flag attached to the vehicle's antennae at the top. If no antenna is present then a temporary mast of at least 6 inches height shall be attached to the vehicles highest point.

2) As long as the command vehicle is in service, (not KO'd) any vehicle under that command vehicle may move, fire or restart from being KO'd to continue to fight, simulating a command vehicle's ability to call reinforcements.

3) Any vehicle under the command vehicle may restart provided line of sight from the operator to the command vehicle flag is verified before the vehicle restarts itself.

4) When a vehicle is KO'd, the operator, other than the command vehicle operator, may view the field from where he is presently standing and if the command vehicle flag is seen affixed to the antenna, the transmitter may remain on an the vehicle restarted. (If the vehicle has become stuck at the time being KO'd, it may be dislodged and relocated not more than 2 feet from its original position).

5) If a vehicle is KO'd and the operator does not see the command vehicles flag affixed to the antenna from his present position before the vehicle restarts, then the transmitter must be shut off and the vehicle is out of service for the remainder of the battle.

6) If the command vehicle is KO'd, the vehicle is out of service for the remainder of the battle and the transmitter must be turned off and the flag removed from the antenna and placed on the top of the vehicle.

7) Other vehicles under the KO'd command vehicle may remain in service until KO'd or the campaign objective is accomplished.

Command Vehicle Option 1:

Another vehicle may pull along side a KO'd command vehicle of the same force and transfer the command flag becoming the new command vehicle. The transfer takes 5 minutes timed by the KO'd command vehicle operator. The transfer can only take place with both vehicles (the KO'd command vehicle and the transferring vehicle) within 1 foot of each other for the full 5 minutes. Furthermore neither vehicle can move during this period, although the transferring vehicle may still fire at targets. Moving of either vehicle during transfer negates the transfer and must be attempted again. No vehicles may restart while the transfer is in process. At the conclusion of 5 minutes the transferring vehicle may place the red or orange command flag on its antenna and function as a command vehicle.

Command Vehicle Option 2:

Transfer of the command vehicle flag may take place between two operational vehicles provided the requirements of Option 1 are followed.


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