Armor Forums - Ask questions or discuss your current project

RC Universe RC Tank discussion from around the world

Missing-Lynx Armor modeling discussion for all questions on modeling technique, historical accuracy and obscure information

Tank Talk     Discussion board in the United Kingdom for primarily large scale (1/6) AFV's

RC-Panzerketten-Forum  German Tank Forum for all makes and models

Defense Talk Land defense forum of recent military AFV news in conflicts with emphasis on technical/performance merit

Landships Forum Forum specific to WWI early tanks and armored guns (Landships)

Forum Kezdolap Megtekintese RC Tank forum for Hungarian speakers

 Armor Clubs - Find the one nearest you

BAT (Bay Area Tankers) based in the Northern part of California US    

UKTC (United Kingdom Tank Club) UK based Club             

Texasarmor RC armor club based in Texas

BTN Battle Tanks Nederland located in Amsterdam, Holland

RC Tank Group Milano  RC Tank Club in Italy

DAK Armor Club in Phoenix, Arizona USA

 Armor Retailers - Military hobby specialty stores

1-800-TAMIYAA  US Tamiya direct source for Military model kits and accessories  

Armortek 1/6 scale all metal models with full function options out of UK

Large Scale RC Tanks   Russian made 1/8 to 1/6 scale full function RC tanks by Alex Shlahkter

Kenny Kong metal tracks, sprockets and accessories for 8th, 15th and 16th scale RC tanks

Matorro Internet retailer of WASAN, Heng Long, Trumpeter and Torro 16th RC tanks and accessories

El-Mod Custon electronics, speed controllers and sound effects to fit out an RC tank

AFV Model All types of RC tank scales and accessories, custom kits and parts

Chuwai Model Custom RC tanks in metal construction 16th, 8th, 10th scales

 Tank Resources - Military Museums and resources  

AAF Tank Museum  Tank Museum in Danville VA. Also host of RC tank battledays

Kubinka Tank Museum  Tank Museum Moscow, Russia

Bovington Tank Museum  Tank Museum Bovington, UK

Panssarimuseo Finnish armor Museum

Tanks in World War II  Collection of AFV statistics of WWII

M26 Pershing Page  WWII Pershing M26 with actual documents

Tiger I David Byrden's expert detail research of the Tiger I vehicle

Object 640 Source for Russia's "Black Eagle" prototype 4th generation tank

Other Resources

Custom RC Models  Wild Willy's RC homepage, tanks, monster trucks, clod busters, construction vehicles, anything RC and some not thought of yet!

Davids Battle Circuit Battle circuit specially designed for Heng Long tanks and fully compatible with Tamiya battle system


Southeast Armored Division



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